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Board of Directors

Studio 145 Co-operative is a multi-stakeholder co-operative with an aim to compete with industry giants by accumulating and sharing communal resources. We have organized to provide high quality services and access to resources for NEET youth within the Peel, Halton and GTA regions. Our goal is to facilitate social and economic benefits for our peers as a whole, but specifically for the members of Studio 145 Co-operative. The Co-operative exists to serve our members and their communities; we've organized a member base that has the desire to acquire knowledge, network, and promote our industry with principled business practices. Currently our memberships support our 3 community driven brands: Co-op 145 as our educational foundation, .Traders Blvd as our artist development incubator and ParkingLvl9 as our community events outlet.

The management of our Co­-operative, under direction of the elected Board of Directors, shall be accountable in every way to: 

Provide industry level services at affordable rates to artists and arts organizations working in, for, and with the community to effect positive change or promote healthy communities. 


Build a network of aspiring artists and creative experts to provide industry level services, education and collaboration; thus nurturing a professional and financial ecosystem for artists, and their works, while also increasing their contribution to society. 


Actively support individual participation and group co-operation


Expand and enhance community engagement through the arts in Canada.

In turn, we provide members with a network that acknowledges and practices the intention of building up Canadian arts and entertainment, through educational programming and developmental services.

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