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The Future Pillars & Life

We would like to expand the impact of our Future Pillars program in the City of Mississauga-Malton. We envision creating a pathway for youth by offering micro-credentials and post-secondary scholarship opportunities with the Metalworks Institute of Music. Simultaneously, we intend to equip them with essential Life skills to make compelling and responsible decisions, which will propel them into a successful adult life.

Our initiative transforms aspiring creatives into industry leaders. The Future Pillars Program sharpens audio production skills, offering a pathway to impactful careers. The Life Skills Project aims to educate and train BIPOC youth in vital hard, and soft skills ensuring they are well-prepared for the transition into adulthood and life beyond highschool. With your support, we aim to amplify these programs, equipping NEET youth with the tools for success and fostering a vibrant creative community.

FREE Weekend Audio Production Program for youth 24 and under
Starting March 23rd until June 30th, every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30am-5:30pm.

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