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Micro Credential Programs

Our Micro Credential Programs serve the purpose of building a community of professionals who leverage our research facilities, equipment, and educators to pioneer new art forms and skill sets. The "Each One Teach One" methodology encourages capacity development within the community. Experienced professionals lead educational workshops and provide in-person or virtual teaching support, helping scholars refine existing skills or develop new ones. Certifications, awarded through various assessments, recognize individuals who demonstrate excellence and hands-on experience in niche skills.

The Future Pillars

Studio 145 Cooperative, in collaboration with Metal Works Institute, is excited to announce our secondary school cooperative opportunity specifically designed for NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) Youth, aimed at supporting their education and career development within the Canadian Arts. The initiative, known as "The Future Pillars," utilizes Studio 145's high school cooperative program to empower students with essential skills. Upon completion, participants not only receive micro-credentials but also gain access to a scholarship opportunity for further education at Metal Works Institute.

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