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Future Pillars 'N' Life

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Co-op 145 is a cooperative business that allows our community to apply their practical and creative knowledge in a professional setting, fostering a natural transition from passion to career. The aim of Co-op 145 is to communicate and facilitate the expectations, needs, goals and opportunities that can improve local community engagement as a whole. It is our focus to nurture the passions of hardworking and enthusiastic marginalized individuals that will become future pillars within their communities. These collections of individuals will be given the opportunity to expand their skills, knowledge and experience in creative directing, digital media, music business, and more. Although individual participants will have different personal goals for their passions, expectations are largely the same: take initiative, keep communication channels open, maintain a professional atmosphere, ask questions, and have fun. Each participant will co-create alongside their fellow community members to execute their team’s primary and secondary objectives. At Studio 145 Cooperative it is important to maximize the impact of each participant's experience within the organization as well as maximizing opportunities for their success within the community and their respective industries.

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